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In honour of the upcoming X-Files movie, I (duva) am watching the whole series from the beginning. This is where I talk about that.

Some of this was originally posted on my journal; I started out just watching whatever episode I felt like, but later decided to go chronologically. The episodes that I watched earlier were commented on back then; however I'm not posting those thoughts here until I get to them chronologically. All episodes should have the date I watched them on specified.

This is really something I did for me, but if anyone else finds my hammering interesting I'd love to hear from you!

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Screencaps linked to come from The X-Files DVD Screengrab Archive, Chrisnu and Roadrunners. Transcript snippets come from Inside The X.

Top ten: Songs: 9

duva's top ten: Songs in the Key of X

10. On the Outside.
9.Collapse )

Also, congrats to Gillian Anderson and all the family on the birth of baby Felix! (Did you guys know that anagrams to X-File? HAH!)

Top ten: Songs: 10

Okay, so this top 10 is a bit of a breather for me 'cause... I'm lazy? Hah. Actually I have an exam soon, and then I'm starting a new job (eeek!) and my mind's just a bit all over the place so I'm doing a brainless one for now. But it should be fairly quick, and after that it'll be more substantial, I promise!

Now, this category consists of songs found on Songs in the Key of X, The X-Files: The Album, and those two non-Mark Snow penned tracks from the IWTB soundtrack. (Actually, I would be lying if I said Xzibit's on my list. But at least he was eligible!) So there's no Mark Snow stuff (I love you, Mark Snow!) because then we'd be here all year (and "The Surgery" off IWTB would win). So.

duva's top ten: Songs in the Key of X

10.Collapse )

Also, hopefully fictionalcandie's reviews will return soon -- she's got a lot going on at the moment, and her DVD's like to hide from her, but just so you know she hasn't given up on Moose and Squirrel already :)
And I am back again, with more silly X-Files recapping! Reviewing? I still can’t decide which to call it…

Anyway. This one is a bit long-ish. Yeah. Be warned!

(Also, everyone take note of my luverly icon here. duva made it for me, ‘cause I keep talking about the silly way they hold their guns. Isn’t she darling?)

My lack of critic status is not only obvious, but good.Collapse )

fictionalcandie watches: "1x08: Space"

Before I start with the rest of this, I'd just like to let it be known that there'd be more this time — most of it of an irrelevant, silly nature — except that my brothers were in the room at the time I watched it, and most of my amusingness was exercised verbally.

More from the fortunately non-critic one!Collapse )

fictionalcandie watches: "1x07: Ice"

Here I am again. The going with this posting-ness is apparently slower than one would expect of something I'm enjoying this much, but I have this horrid habit of forgetting that just because I wrote my review/recap/whatever of an episode, that doesn't automatically mean I posted it. Oops. Plus, I've been busy. But anyway, here we have an episode that I'm sure duva has been waiting to hear what I thought about, so I'll just get right to it, shall I?

... have I mentioned lately that I'm not a critic?Collapse )